Even Birds Are Chained To The Sky

This is a collection of the winning stories from The Fine Line Short Story Competition.


They are the stories of many lives, captured in a few pages in all their complexity, beauty, serenity, struggle, longing and peculiarity.  Some are tales of joy and others woe; some tell of destructive lust and others slow-blooming love.  They are lavish, restrained, fantastical and beguilingly everyday, drawing the reader into the lives their characters inhabit.  Some are dark tales of violence, bleakness and betrayal, their imagery troubling and their characters brutal; while others are joyous, funny, whimsical and tender.


Created by writers from America, Portugal, Italy, Scotland, Australia, Israel, England, Poland, India, Wales, Greece, Canada and Ireland, these stories will move, excite, horrify and entertain every reader who enters their worlds.



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This collection of short stories is a joy to savor. Each entry is completely realized and the book is full of interesting and heart-warming characters that effortlessly draw you into their worlds. Mackenzie Marcotte’s title story about a little boy named Rudy, at the same time warmed my heart and made me cry. Her use of language is masterful and paints such vivid pictures of Rudy’s world, how he interprets the adults around him and ultimately how he copes with enormous loss. Bravo to this young writer for a voice so fresh and authentic.

The stories in this book are absolutely excellent. All different, all enjoyable. The title story is fantastic – worth the price of the book on its own as far as I am concerned. Every story has a completeness, and in almost all cases, the ending was unexpected and satisfying. Very pleased to have found it.


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Even Birds Are Chained To The Sky and Other Tales
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